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We’ve come a long way in raising mental health awareness

COVID-19 has brought more awareness to the importance of good mental health than any event in the past decade.

As general anxiety and stress has spiked, more of us have begun to understand that mental health is something we must work to support and that any disease or disorder affecting us does not define us or determine who we are.

We’re learning that needing help in difficult times doesn’t make us weak or incompetent and that everyone experiences difficulties in life that can affect their mental health.

This month, as we celebrate mental health awareness, it’s important to recognize how much has changed and how far we’ve come in raising awareness.

Let’s not lose the momentum.

The more we can bring mental health awareness into all of our consciousness, the better the chances we can create greater access to treatment and care for everyone.

Consider these steps:

If you have questions and concerns about your own health, try taking one of the screenings available here through Mental Health America’s Tools2Thrive program.

If you need professional help, know that it is not a sign of weakness or a personal failing. Just as you seek help when you break your arm or have the flu, getting support for your mental health is the right step to take to support your own well-being. Make that call today.

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Wherever your personal mental health experience falls, help join the fight against stigma by learning more about mental illnesses and sharing that information with others. Be vocal about your support as you would if you were joining the fight against cancer.

Finally, make the small changes in your daily life that better support your own mental health and share what works for you with others.

We are all in this together.

Please help us by sharing this blog post. You never know who might need it.



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