Welness Wednesdays

Join us live each Wednesday evening as we introduce a reoccurring show on

New Bedford Guide with the folks from Help and Hope Southcoast

Week 1: Help & Hope Southcoast sits down with Brian Fernandes who shares his personal story and his work to change the stigma around suicide.

Week 2: This week Beth sits down with Damon Chaplin, Health Director of the City of New Bedford. 

Week 3: Tonight on Wellness Wednesday, Help & Hope Southcoast sits down with Danielle Brown from Steppingstone who will share her personal journey on how she came to work for the organization.

We sit down with Kathleen Mackenzie from New Bedford Public Schools. Kathleen has worked as a clinical social worker and educator for over 25 years in a variety of settings including outpatient mental health, psychiatric inpatient, K-12 urban public schools, and higher education. 

This week's guests are Connie Rocha-Mimoso from Seven Hills Behavioral Health and Trine Erichsen from High Point Treatment Center. We'll be talking about substance use and mental health.

Join us this week on Wellness Wednesday as we sit down with Ray Duarte - manager for several shelters in the city, including Sr. Rose House.

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