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Have you lost someone to suicide? A local support group meets tomorrow

Grief is often complicated; but it can be even more so when the loss you’re experiencing is from suicide. Experiencing the death of a loved one by their own hand can leave survivors feeling conflicting and sometimes confusing emotions.

But you don’t have to work through the confusion alone.

If you’re having a difficult time and looking for help, there is a Samaritans Southcoast support group that offers free support to loss survivors who have lost loved ones to suicide. The service focuses on non-judgmental listening, compassion, and peer support through Safe Place, a grief support group facilitated by trained Samaritans volunteers.

It meets next tonight, Jan. 19 from 6-7:30 p.m., via Zoom.

Attending a support group for the first time can be difficult, Samaritans Southcoast said in a released statement. Group facilitators are sensitive to that and available to answer any questions or concerns you might like to address before the meeting.

To attend, complete or update your information via this Safe Place Attendee Contact Form and email Ian Mello at for a Zoom link. Ian is also available for questions about the group and its format.


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