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Local group helps people who've lost someone to suicide

Following up with last week’s post on the number of deaths by suicide in 2020, I’d like to share a local resource for those struggling with grief after a suicide.

Grief is difficult at any time, but the circumstances around losing someone by their own actions can make the process harder and more confusing. For every person who dies by suiide, there are people -- estimated at six or more -- who are left behind to struggle with the loss, pain, and confusion around why it happened.

Where many resources focus on individuals who are considering suicide, for obvious resons, there are some that offer support specifically for those struggling with the feelings that follow the death of a loved one by suicide.

Locally, the Greater New Bedford Suicide Prevention and Child & Family Services host a monthly Suicide Bereavement Support Group that gives anyone who has experienced the death of a family member or friend due to suicide a safe and supportive space to be with the loss.

The group is confidential and is led by a trained and experienced facilitator.

If you’re interested in participating, the next support group will take place virtually on Feb. 2 from 4-5 p.m. You’ll need to sign up here to receive the Zoom link.

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