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Finding help when you've lost someone to suicide

There are two interesting events being held by local organizations that I’d like to call to your attention to, especially for anyone who has lost someone to suicide.

Those who work in suicide prevention understand that the death of a person who chooses to end their life is so much more grievous than the lost of that single individual.

supporting a grieving friend

Because of that uniqueness there are local support groups specifically focused on the grieving process for losing someone to suicide.

One of these groups, Safe Place from Samaritans Southcoast, will meet next on May 18.

Safe Place is a place to grieve, a place to share, a place to talk, a place to be silent, and a place to listen, according to the organization. Meetings are facilitated by trained volunteers and held from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of the month.

They offer an atmosphere of acceptance and give people a chance to be supported as they grieve, to offer support to others, and to share helpful resources with each other.

To participate, email

Another event, this one a workshop, is a Blended Hearts Wellness Workshop being put on by the Bristol County Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Kacie Palm Project for Youth Suicide Prevention, Greater Taunton Community Services, Inc., and The United Way MassBay Attleboro/Taunton.

Led by Steve Palm and Joseph Marques with support from Annemarie Matulis, the workshop is for family and friends impacted by suicide loss as well as attempt survivors and will involve walking through emotional wellness exercises.

In her Facebook post about the event, Annemarie offered more information on what to expect during the workshop.

“I want to reassure everyone, there is absolutely nothing unsettling or "triggering" about these wellness workshops. Sometimes there are tears but more often than not, a lot of laughter as we recognize our own behaviors. These workshops are about increasing the ability to emotionally improve our own quality of life.”

The workshop is at noon on May 22. To participate, email for an access link.

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