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Who is Help & Hope Southcoast?

Every week on Wellness Wednesdays I talk about the partners who make up Help & Hope Southcoast, the 30-plus organizations that are part of the campaign to strengthen mental health in the region.

But I very rarely get an opportunity to name them.

So today, I am giving this blog post to them.

There are 38 organizations listed on the Help & Hope website. They are all unique, with large and small operations and locations spread across the Southcoast, from Wareham to Fall River.

Some address substance use. Some help people who need resources like housing or food. Several are religious organizations, while others are health systems including hospitals.

They work with different age groups and provide different services, but they are all dedicated to helping those of us who live in this region.

To learn more about who Help & Hope Southcoast is, take a look at the organizations on this list. Each name has a link back to their website with information about who they are and what they do.

When Help & Hope was just an idea last spring, these organizations came to the table to discuss creating a mental health campaign. They returned each week, even as the scope of impact from the coronavirus on the community and the people they serve was beginning to become clear.

They helped identify the need and put together the structure for getting the word out there.

They kept showing up to make a difference. The Southcoast is lucky to have them.

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