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Teenage podcasters talk openly about mental health

A popular mental health podcast by five California high school friends got a boost recently when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined the teens for conversation.

The friends, Gael, Isaac, Thomas, Mark, and Kayla have been talking about their insecurities, friendships, and life experiences as teenagers in frank and open conversations on their weekly Teenager Therapy podcast.

They got the idea for the podcast, according to CBS News, when Gael, 17, heard a podcast on relationship therapy.

Already a success, the podcast took a royal step forward on Sept. 10 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined the team in honor of World Mental Health Day.

In his comments, Prince Harry said that addressing mental health is important for all of us.

When “people start to think about mental health, immediately people think about a small group of people as opposed to every single one of us,” Prince Harry said.

“Rather than mental health being focused on the people that are struggling, it needs to go much wider than that to the acceptance and the appreciation that every single one of us has mental health and every single one of us has got stuff going on that we either need to talk about or that we need help with or that we have some form of compassion and empathy for other people that are going through something similar,” he said.

The podcast episode has had over 1 million listens to date.

The teenagers are aware that their openness is helping break down stigma and dismantle old silences. Their website highlights episodes they refer to as their best and also their most vulnerable.

“This is us at our most vulnerable. We choose to share these vulnerable moments with you in hopes of inspiring you to do the same,” the teens say on their website.

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