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Sharing our stories is a powerful way to offer hope

As we work to increase our comfort levels in sharing our personal stories with others, especially those experiences that involve mental health issues, it is helpful to have mentors and way-showers who clear the path ahead.

These are the folks who are willing to stand up, risk being vulnerable, and share what they’ve gone through and how they found hope, help and healing.

Their courage not only encourages others to reach out and accept help but inspires them, in turn, to consider one day sharing their own stories.

All of this is a lead-in to say you should check out the NAMI In Our Own Voice program, a volunteer program which does exactly this - gives you access to two individuals each month who share their journey through mental health issues.

According to NAMI Massachusetts, the program exists to “change attitudes, assumptions, and stereotypes about people living with mental health conditions.”

Presenters have lived experience with a mental health condition and talk openly about what they’ve experienced and how they’ve found hope and healing, NAMI says.

The next In Our Own Voice session is noon on Friday, Jan. 22. Register here to listen in, or visit the NAMI Mass website for more information.

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