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Send a Valentine to yourself this year

Think of Valentine’s Day and what comes to mind? Flowers and chocolates? Perhaps a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant?

Our cultural celebration of Valentine’s Day has traditionally focused on expressing love to another person -- usually a spouse, or someone we are in a romantic relationship with. It’s associated with gift-giving and quality romantic time spent with each other.

But this year is likely to be different for everyone -- whether you’re in a relationship or single -- so why not try something new?

This Valentine’s Day, consider sending love to, and spending quality time with, yourself.

This doesn’t mean you need to neglect your loved one; but it is a recognition that the relationship you have with yourself is just as important. And, it’s a good way to boost your resilience and help yourself stay healthy and strong in the face of adversity.

What you decide to do for yourself might look similar to traditional Valentine’s Day celebrations. For example, you could buy yourself some chocolates or treat yourself to a fancy meal.

The best way to begin, though, is by spending time listening within and asking, what does self-care mean to you.

Then, take those steps.

Whether it’s getting out of the house for a brisk walk or run, or finding time to be alone to journal about your feelings, or even just sipping a cup of tea in a sunny window, if it feels good to you, it’s perfect.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it.

So go ahead, send a Valentine’s to yourself this year. You’ll thank yourself later.

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