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Meet two local heroes: Cody and Francesa Swift

Meet two local heroes: Cody and Francesa Swift

Today’s local heroes are the faces behind #ASwiftRecovery, offering compassion and understanding to people struggling with substance use.

Like many others, Cody and Francesca’s work was inspired by their personal life experiences and those of family members. They both want to end the stigma around addiction and mental health challenges.

“Knowing that we still hurt the sick instead of helping them boggles my mind,” they wrote.

Name: Cody & Francesca Swift

Neighborhood: New Bedford

What they do: Substance abuse counselor / owner of #ASwiftRecovery

Their superpower is: Understanding and compassion

How does your work contribute to better mental health in the Southcoast?

We work with the addicts and recovering addicts of the Southcoast in the field. We show these addicts that hope is possible. We show them that someone cares, believes and has compassion for their situation.

What inspired you to work to end mental stigma?

I myself am an addict in recovery and suffer from mental health issues. I also have multiple family members that suffer from the disease of addiction and knowing that we still hurt the sick instead of helping them boggles my mind.

What's your advice to others looking for a way to contribute?

Just do it. Find a way to help and get out there and do it.

Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes we are. Currently we do not have a website available; however, we do have a Facebook, Instagram and yahoo email account. Facebook group is called #ASwiftRecovery and Instagram is aswiftrecoveryopioidtreatment. The best way to get in contact with us as far as any questions about volunteering, getting you or a family member help, donations or etc., please email us at

What's the best way for people to get in touch, follow you and/or learn more about what you do?

Instagram or

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