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Meet the local professionals who intervene when crisis happens

The local chapter of NAMI is holding the second of a series of workshops on how to get help in a crisis, this time focused on the New Bedford area.

Brenda Venice, who leads the Bristol County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, organized the workshop to help individuals and families know what to do when a mental health crisis hits someone close to them.

Being prepared in advance, knowing who to call and what to expect, can mean the difference between getting help at the right time or having a situation escalate into a crisis. Because, unless you’ve reached out for help before, it can be hard to know who to call, when the best time to do it is, and what to ask.

Dialing 911 is always the best decision in a crisis, but who do you call when you have concerns before a crisis develops?

This workshop provides the answer for the New Bedford area.

Meet and engage with four key emergency service providers in this 90-minute virtual event on Jan. 11.

The four speakers include: Wendy Botelho, LMHC, the site director for the 24-hour programs; Pam Bolarinho, LICSW, the emergency services program director for the region; Sgt. Samuel Ortega the training LEAD outreach coordinator for the New Bedford Police Department; and Krista Cormier, part of the Southeast Recovery Learning Community in New Bedford.

These are the individuals who offer direct help or know who the best person is to reach out to in the city and surrounding towns. They are the professionals in the area who provide help when you call.

Come hear them speak about the emergency services system and how it works, and learn more about getting help for yourself or a loved one.

The event will be held from 6-7:30 on Monday, Jan. 11. For more information and a link to join, contact Brenda Venice at 508-493-9048 or email her at

For more information on the local NAMI affiliate and the events they hold, visit the NAMI Bristol County website.

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