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Meet a local hero: Recover Fall River

Recover Fall River is an organization dedicated to educating the community and supporting people who are impacted by addiction.

Name: Recover Fall River

Neighborhood: Fall River

What they do: Leadership Team

Their superpower is: Decreasing stigma by educating the community and assisting and supporting individuals and families who are impacted by addiction.

How does your work contribute to better mental health in the Southcoast?

Individuals and families who struggle with the shame associated with addiction feel empowered and supported, increasing their chances to find and maintain recovery. Our community at large receives education pertaining to the realities of how addiction impacts people from all walks of life, and that addiction is an illness, not a character flaw, moral shortcoming, or failure in parenting.

What inspired you to work to end mental stigma?

We have immediate family members who suffer, have suffered, or have succumbed to addiction and mental health disorders. The experience has changed our views and judgements. We want to share the lessons we have learned and want to diminish the misplaced shame associated with addiction so that individuals and families can recover.

What's your advice to others looking for a way to contribute?

We help people to become educated on the science of addiction and appreciate the prevalence of the issue across all demographics to decrease feelings of shame, hopelessness and isolation. We encourage our members to pass along the message and engage others in the movement.

Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes. If anyone is interested in becoming an active member of Recover Fall River they should email us at or message us through our Facebook page.

What's the best way for people to get in touch, follow you and/or learn more about what you do?


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