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Meet a local hero: Brian Fernandes

Photo provided by Mr. Fernandes who is pictured with his son Nicholas, who died by suicide in 2008.

Not everyone who is working to create change for people with mental health challenges works in the healthcare fields. Take Brian Fernandes, for example, a father who lost his son to suicide and who turned his grief into action.

It may not be his day job, but that doesn’t affect his commitment. Brian has been advocating for those with mental illness for more than a decade. He is one of the Southcoast heroes who are determined to end stigma and create more access to treatment for those who need it.

Name: Brian M. Fernandes

Lives in: New Bedford

What he does: Construction

His Superpower is: Kindness

How does your work contribute to better mental health in the Southcoast?

Promote awareness and encourage positive mental and spiritual health in young persons

What inspired you to work to end mental stigma? What's your advice to others looking for a way to contribute?

My son Nicholas took his own life 3 months prior to graduating from High School. If you are unable to be an advocate for all those suffering or lost to mental illness, at least be an advocate for your loved one. Don't let their silence continue through you, be their voice.

Are you looking for volunteers? If so, please provide a link to more information on how to get involved.

We are not looking for volunteers but we are accepting donations.

What's the best way for people to get in touch, follow you and/or learn more about what you do?

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Excellent website. Please correct a typo... ”Her” superpower. Brian Fernandes is a male. Thank you.

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