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Local children, teens, & staff share uplifting artwork

Art and passion have the power to heal, especially when we choose to share our work, our passion, with others.

The staff and clients at In-Home Therapy at Child & Family Services took that leap yesterday releasing a nearly 14 minute video on YouTube that showcases their art work done through the program.

The result, a virtual art gallery, is a heart-warming video of people expressing themselves through art. Done as part of Child & Family Services’ IHT program, the video features art from children, teens, families, and even a few members of the IHT staff.

There’s not a lot of production to it, just a stringing together of the group’s contributions which includes visual art, graphic design, poetry, and cake decorating.

Instead, it’s the genuine heart behind each creation that feels good, especially the ones where the artists include brief testimonies with their work.

Watching it will lift you up. Take a look here.

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