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Here’s when you can register for your vaccination appointment

Massachusetts residents can breath a little easier with the state’s release of a vaccination timeline yesterday that will make remaining Massachusetts residents eligible to be vaccinated as of April 19.

Under the timeline, Massachusetts residents age 60 and older as well as certain worker groups will be eligible for the vaccine as of March 22. Residents age 55 or older and residents with one certain medical condition will be eligible as of April 5, and the general public age 16 and older will become eligible as of April 19.

In addition, the state said that residents can preregister to book an appointment at the mass vaccination site

Vaccination appointments will depend on the availability of doses.

In his announcement of the vaccine timeline in Brockton yesterday, Gov. Baker noted that the state is receiving approximately 170,000 first doses this week, a slight increase from last week’s numbers.

The administration also said in a released statement that they expect more vaccination sites to come online as part of the preregistration process in April.

The news does not yet mean the threat from the virus is behind us, but it does outline a path forward that offers hope for reaching that goal. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Gov. Baker said he’s confident he can vaccinate more than 4 million adults by July Fourth.

Details of the full timeline can be found at

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