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Here’s how you can speak up for mental health this April

Have you thought about becoming more active in supporting mental health policies but haven’t known where to start?

Well, 2021 may be your chance to experience how it all works from the privacy of your own home.

For the first time, NAMI Massachusetts is hosting its annual advocacy day -- when the organization typically visits the State House and pitches its legislative priorities to state senators and representatives -- virtually, making it possible to show up and observe the process without the travel time or fear of exposure.

It’s an opportunity to test out the waters and perhaps discover how important your voice is to making a difference for others.

The best advocates aren’t always those who work in mental health or are longtime legislative or policy experts. Most often they are the people who have direct lived experience with mental illness and are willing to share their experiences with legislators and others.

These stories have power and can help create change.

Join them and help improve legislative policies around mental health for the state.

This year’s event will be held over three days, from April 12-14, according to NAMI Massachusetts, and will feature speakers, policy discussions, and opportunities for direct conversations with state legislators.

The event will be broken down into 90-120 minute segments beginning with speakers and information on legislative priorities at 11 a.m. on Monday, April 12 and concluding with scheduled meetings with state senators and representatives on Wednesday, April 14.

Register by April 7 and raise your voice to support mental health policies. By registering, you can attend all or part of the three-day program.

NAMI also sends out advocacy alerts on specific legislative issues it tracks. Sign up here to receive them.

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