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Help cultural organizations plan for the future

New Bedford Creative is asking SouthCoast residents to complete a 15-minute survey on their arts and culture activities over the past year, in order to help organizations determine how best to serve communities after the COVID-19 crisis ends.

Like any business that relies financially on people walking through its doors, arts and cultural organizations have struggled since pandemic lockdowns began last year.

This survey aims to give them a better picture of what activities people will be looking for after the pandemic, what their comfort levels are in returning to venues, and what motivates them to participate in events and programming both online and in-person. It’s being conducted by Slover Linett Audience Research.

In an email, New Bedford Creative described the request as “being asked to participate in a research study about how people are spending their time during the pandemic and how creativity, entertainment, culture, and other things fit into their lives.”

Answers will remain anonymous, but those respondents who choose to can enter their name and email to be entered into a drawing to win one of twenty-five $100 VISA gift cards.

According to the study website, the survey is “about how the arts, culture, creativity and community fit into your life — not just during the pandemic but also in the times ahead.”

“We know those words mean different things to different people, which is great! There are no right or wrong answers,” the website states. “Think about whatever you enjoy doing, from knitting groups and church choirs to concerts and zoos, libraries, community mural projects, historic sites, museums of all kinds, etc.”

To participate, complete the survey by April 25.

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