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Giving the gift of listening

There’s a reason why talk therapy is so ubiquitous.

When we actively listen to someone without distractions, the way a good therapist does, we give them the gift of our attention and also, in a sense, the gift of ourselves.

We connect with the speaker in that moment, even when we are not physically with them, and our focus helps them connect with themselves through their thoughts.

The Samaritans give this gift everyday.

Their willingness to answer a call and to be there and listen to whatever the person on the other end of the line needs to say has brought comfort and clarity to many. It’s also saved lives.

Now the Samaritans Southcoast is looking for new volunteers to give the gift of listening to others.

In their notice about becoming a part of the organization, they ask, ‘What would you get from helping others in their darkest hour?’

If you can answer that question, give them a call and find out how to become a Samaritan. Reach out to Christine Rizza at 508-679-9777, ext. 11 or email her at

Learn more about Samaritans Southcoast here.

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