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Dance party in your living room? Bingo night? Virtual events can help you connect and have fun.

Winter is traditionally a time for turning inward and slowing down, but this winter may have taken a good thing too far.

If this winter’s isolation is getting too much for you, there’s an easily accessible resource that can help you break down the walls confining you -- at least virtually -- and help you connect, learn, explore, and basically have a lot of fun.

Eventbrite is a tool for managing events, allowing people to promote an event and easily oversee ticket sales and registration without a lot of effort. It’s the behind-the-scenes platform that is familiar to anyone who organizes events, yet it’s often overlooked as a source for great events.

But head to their homepage and you might be surprised by just how many virtual events are accessible there, and how many might make your life brighter.

The site lists events from all over the world and because of COVID-19 and pandemic restrictions, the majority of them are now being held virtually.

It’s a smorgasbord of possibilities.

It’s also a great source for learning more about ways to support yourself during the pandemic and the isolation many of us are feeling.

Many events are free and open to everyone, although some come with a price tag and participation restrictions.

Search for the word mindful on Eventbrite, for example, and a list of events like mindful movement, mindful parenting, and mindful resiliency come up.

Type in meditation and another list is shown including guided meditations, meditations for moms, and the science behind meditation.

There are also numerous support groups available for topics such as grief and loss, anxiety, general mental health support as well as many others.

But sometimes the best self-care comes from connecting with others in fun ways, and Eventbrite also offers dance parties, murder mysteries, and game nights. There’s even a virtual bingo night.

The past year has taught us much about the limitations of virtual socializing, but there are also many positive aspects to connecting this way too.

Eventbrite is a great way to get started. Take a look the next time you’re feeling confined and disconnected.

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