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5 Monday morning tips for easing into the work week

Monday mornings can be rough. Transitioning from personal to work time can trigger stress and bring out the blues in any one.

Setting a more positive tone on Monday mornings can carry through the week and help you stay resilient in the face of unexpected challenges - something we are all becoming more familiar with as we negotiate life during a pandemic.

Whether you’re dreading the work week or feeling the pressure of getting everything done, these five tips may help boost your Monday mental wellness.

Plan ahead: Take time on Sunday evening to plan out your week and be sure to schedule in some unstructured time for yourself. This can be as brief as 5 to 10 minutes of reflection or lengthier gratitude or meditative sessions. Giving your mind time to wander freely can also help you focus more easily when you need to get work tasks done.

Write out your ideal week: Consider and write out what an ideal week might look like. What time would you get up? When would you go to bed? How would you start your day? Having a plan that brings you happiness, even if you don’t meet it precisely every day, can help bring you closer to it.

Get moving: Start Monday morning with movement. Take time to be physically active before getting into your typical Monday morning routine. Dance, sing, move in any way you’d like; it doesn’t need to be a hardcore workout. For inspiration, make a Monday morning playlist with songs you know you’ll want to sing along too.

Take a break from electronic devices: Try starting your week off with a scheduled break from news and social media consumption. Go device free for one hour on Monday morning. If that’s tough to do, try spending the time talking with a friend. Identify a Monday morning buddy who also struggles with the start of the work week. Schedule a call early in the morning to check in with each other and talk about how you’re feeling. The conversation can help lift both of your moods.

Train your brain: Pick a Monday morning mantra to repeat as you get ready for your day. Because Monday marks the start of the work week for many people, it can be a particularly stressful time. Reframe it in a more positive light by repeating an uplifting phrase. Here are a few suggestions recommended by Dr. Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D.

“Today is a new beginning – a chance for me to live.”

“Right now is the only guaranteed moment in my life. I will make the best of it.”

“I can only do the best I can do.”

“I will slow down and become conscious of life’s simple pleasures.”

Dr. Scwartz also suggests scheduling something fun on Mondays to help you transition from time off to work. It can be something easy like lunch with a colleague you enjoy spending time with, or an afterwork activity with family or friends.

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