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Welcome to Help and Hope Southcoast

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

If you’ve found your way here to Help and Hope Southcoast, chances are helping others is important to you.

You may be the one on your street who is always the first to offer a neighbor a helping hand — a tool to borrow, a home-cooked meal, or extra hands to get that big job done.

You might be the person who others reach out to in times of trouble because you offer a compassionate and sympathetic ear, or you always know the right person who can help.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re looking for people like you — the helpers of the world — to connect with us to spread hope, lift our communities, and work with us to strengthen mental health and end the stigma around mental illness.

Help and Hope Southcoast was born from the challenging times we live in.

The Covid-19 pandemic, loss of jobs, addiction, mental illness, and violence against specific populations in our communities are all impacting our well-being and that of our neighbors, friends and families.

We believe it’s time to come together and use our collective strength to support and encourage each other as we cope with increased stress and anxiety in our daily lives.

It’s time too to break down old biases and prejudices in all areas, including the misconceptions around what it means to have mental illness.

Help and Hope exists as a vehicle to do that.

It’s the creation of more than two dozen Southcoast organizations and professionals who work in health care and other supportive fields. Through this website and the network of professionals who have signed on to help, we will spread the word that mental illness, like any physical diagnosis, is treatable, that treatment is available, and that it can be easily accessed.

Most especially, we will make it known that we care. That we care about everyone in our community and we commit to routine check-ins on each other as something we can all do more.

If this sounds like a campaign you’d like to be a part of, we encourage you to check back often for information on ways you can help, and ways you can find help.

We also ask that you let your neighbors know about us. It takes a community to do this work so please help us spread the word and ensure that no one gets left behind.

It’s up to all of us to educate ourselves.

It’s up to all of us to help each other.

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