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Students and seniors with dementia pair up in mutually beneficial partnership

Occupational therapy students will work one-on-one with seniors who have dementia in a pairing that benefits both groups.

The Bristol Community College and Coastline program offers training to students who then use their skills and knowledge to help seniors find new ways to perform daily activities while experiencing memory loss.

The intergenerational program is being repeated after a successful run last year and Coastline is currently seeking individuals with dementia to participate.

In the program, students tailor their plans and recommendations to the individual they are working with, based on their one-on-one relationship.

Given the pandemic and social distancing requirements, the program is being modified this year to use video conferencing to connect students and seniors.

Coastline is asking anyone with dementia who is interested in participating to reach out to them. For the full description and contact information, go here.

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