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Here’s to the everyday heroes who are lifting people up.

We’ve been talking about mental health awareness and ways to end mental illness stigma in the Southcoast for the past few weeks.

Now we’re excited to announce that starting next week, we’ll shift our focus to look at some of the individuals who are doing the good work to support mental health in our communities every day.

Twice a week, we’ll swap out our usual content to introduce you to one Southcoast resident who is making a positive difference on the Southcoast. He or she may not wear a cape, but their superhero capabilities are easy to spot by the faces of the people they help.

We hope these stories will inspire you to share your tales of supporting mental health, whether your own well-being or that of someone you love.

Prefer to help in other ways? Join the campaign to end mental health stigma here in the Southcoast. Here’s how to get involved.

Know a local hero we should spotlight? Recommend them here.

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